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Big Island Zone 1 Hawaii Island (Big Island)

Orchidland Estates Subdivision


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Streets in Plats:   Streets in Plats:
Plat 5   Plat 11 - Part One
Orchidland Dr, 40th Ave, 41st Ave, Keala St, Aulii St   Laniuma St, 38th Ave, 39th Ave, Orchidland Dr
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-5-001 to 3-1-6-5-164   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-11-001 to 3-1-6-11-084
Plat 6   Plat 11 - Part Two
Orchidland Dr, 39th Ave, 40th Ave, Aulii St   Laniuma St, 36th Ave, 37th Ave, 38th Ave, Orchidland Dr
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-6-001 to 3-1-6-6-160   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-12-085 to 3-1-6-12-250
Plat 7   Plat 12 - Part One
Orchidland Dr, 38th Ave, 39th Ave, Aulii St   Pohaku Dr, 39th Ave, 40th Ave, Laniuma St
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-7-001 to 3-1-6-7-114   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-12-127 to 3-1-6-12-240
Plat 8 - Part One   Plat 12 - Part Two
Orchidland Dr, 37th Ave, 38th Ave, Melia St, Kiele St, Aulii St   39th Ave, 40th Ave, Laniuma St, Orchidland Dr
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-8-001 to 3-1-6-8-136   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-12-001 to 3-1-6-12-126
Plat 8 - Part Two   Plat 62 - Part One
Orchidland Dr, 36th Ave, 37th Ave, Aulii St   Pualani St, Puanani St, Pikake St, Oliana St, 40th Ave
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-8-137 to 3-1-6-8-200, 3-1-6-8-324 to 3-1-6-8-326   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-62-128 to 3-1-6-62-222
Plat 8 - Part Three   Plat 62 - Part Two
Aulii St, 37th Ave, Ainaloa Blvd   Oliana St, Napua St, 39th Ave, 40th Ave, Pohaku Dr
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-8-201 to 3-1-6-8-323   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-62-001 to 3-1-6-62-127
Plat 9 - Part One   Plat 63 - Part One
Keaau-Pahoa Rd, Orchidland Dr, 34th Ave, 35th Ave, 36th Ave, Aulii St   Mapuana St, Pohaku Dr, 37th Ave, 39th Ave, Kehaulani St
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-9-249 to 3-1-6-12-421   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-63-113 to 3-1-6-63-207
Plat 9 - Part Two   Plat 63 - Part Two
Keaau-Pahoa Rd, 34th Ave, 35th Ave, 36th Ave, Ilima St, Ainaloa Dr   Kehaulani St, 37th Ave, 39th Ave, Melekule St, Laniuma St
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-9-001 to 3-1-6-9-248   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-63-001 to 3-1-6-63-112
Plat 10 - Part One   Plat 64 - Part One
Keaau-Pahoa Rd, Pohaku Pl, Pohaku Cir, Puakolo St, 35th Ave, Laniuma St, 36th Ave   Pohaku Dr, 38th Ave, 37th Ave, Laniuma St
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-10-138 to 3-1-6-10-289   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-64-001 to 3-1-6-64-087, 3-1-6-64-125
Plat 10 - Part Two   Plat 64 - Part Two
Keaau-Pahoa Rd, Pohaku Pl, Puakolo St, 34th Ave, 35th Ave, 36th Ave, Orchidland Dr   Keaau-Pahoa Rd, Pohaku Dr, Pohaku Pl, Pohaku Cir, 35th Ave, 36th Ave, Laniuma St
Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-10-001 to 3-1-6-10-137   Tax Map Keys: 3-1-6-64-087 to 3-1-6-64-124, 3-1-6-64-126 to 3-1-6-64-289
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